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    Cats sleeping in books

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    My older cat got sick of my kitten trying to play with him so he pinned him down and licked him until he fell asleep

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    Rule of Life #124: Always ask a snail where they are going and if they need help getting there.

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    autumn findings 🍁🍂

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    Chapter One.

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    A beautiful bookshop in Brazil

    The people of Brazil have something else to cheer about in addition the recent World Cup festivities. Check out the Livraria Cultura bookshop in São Paulo designed by Studio MK-27.

    The goal was to create a bookshop that doubled as a meeting place and as these images attest they seem to have done a fine job. The open well-light floor plan allows for a comfortable shopping experience as well as encouraging customers to hang around and enjoy the space.

    All photos by Fernando Guerra I FG+SG

    More images and background at ArchDaily: Cultura Bookstore / Studio MK27

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    First of all i will not be giving away 100 books (If i was rich enough to give away 100 books I would but i’m an 18 year old who spends too much time on the internet). My giveaway is based off my 100 book reading challenge (there’s a full list of all the books there and you can also enlarge the photos above to see the selection.) hence the name for my giveaway. All these books are from the list i plan to read. So i haven’t read them all but from what people have said there are A LOT of good books here. 

    Secondly theres actually 102 books here. hehe!

    Anyway if you didn’t know by now this is a book giveaway! *cheers*

    • Now here is the link to my blog (tilly-and-her-books). You don’t have to be following me to enter this but it would be nice y’know? I’d rather people follow for the enjoyment of books and my cats. 
    • I will be doing this giveaway through The Book Depository so please check if they deliver to you before you enter
    • Likes and reblogs count but be wary of your followers, don’t spam them please
    • No giveaway blogs
    • Just take a deep breath and relax. Have a good day alright? 

    THE PRIZES!!!!

    • There will be…5 winners. Each of them will receive two of the books from above. You can also pick other books from the series that are selected.
    • They will be in paperback and the covers/editions may vary. 
    • This giveaway ends November 1st 2014. 
    • Keep your inbox open and be prepared to send me your address. I won’t stalk you.

    Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions and also thank you to all of my followers and feel free to just message me anytime to talk. I think that’s everything…much love <3


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    I’ve been on the road with my sister for the past two weeks in search of beautiful places. We’ve gone all over Oregon and Northern California, seeing some of the most amazing lakes, mountains, rivers, beaches, and forests. The world is so full of beauty. Allow nature to fill you up when you feel loneliness or fear. We are all so lucky to live on such a beautiful planet. 

    Thank You Allah :)

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  13. "Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest. It’s about who walked into your life, said “I’m here for you” and proved it."
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  15. I’m too busy. Too busy lately until I forgot the way to distress myself is thru reading. And this book has woken me up from my too-busy-I-don’t-know-what-am-I-doing thing. The way John Green put each word into his book. I’m like. Whoa. It’s a typical romance-cancer kind of book. But like I’ve said, they way it was written.

    I cried, I smiled, I’m blushing alone inside buses and trains. Took me just 3 days to finish it. It showed that how much I’m into this book.

    Thanks to my student for borrowing me your book. (I’ve been searching everywhere). Look up to read another John Green’s novel. Hopefully it’ll be as awesome as this.