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    i hope that, wherever my hair ties go, they’re happy. that’s all that matters


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    if you’re reading this i’m beautiful

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  6. "Real people don’t complain about fake people."
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    More good vibes here

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  7. One random day

    Ernnie ajak my parents jom ke Penang. Nak tengok this #georgetownstreetart. It’s so popular.
    Papa said yes and straight away Ernnie terus google cari apa yang patut. Prepared everything in advance.

    Brochures and read blogs about Penang especially that Penang Street Arts.

    Bila pergi dengan family yang sort of tak tau sangat pasal these kind of thing, you need to be prepared so that to prevent the upcoming problems. Alhamdulillah everything went out smoothly. We were having so much fun!

    Kudos to The Occasional Traveller for her detailed information of the place.
    We slept at my cousin’s house at Air Hitam. It’s not like to save budget what not, tapi sambil menyelam minum air, dapat visit relatives and got to go to our place of interest kan? :) and mind you, Kelantan and Terengganu are the only states that we don’t have our closed relatives. Tempat lain semua ada. So this explained right?

    Brief information about #Georgetown-street-art. The place can be categorized into several categories.

    1. Ernest Zacharevic artworks : Based on this brochure Marking George Town . There are 7 artworks. We managed to find 5 out of it and ‘The Little Boy with Pet Dinosour’ remnant which made it 6. I started to know about him when the news about his artworks being removed by the Johor Council almost a year ago. You can just google about the news really. Thank God we went there on weekdays (although it’s a school holiday). If not there will be bunch of people queue up to take the picture with his artworks. A bit shy though if you want to have those crazy pose. Kalau time macam ni, boleh jeeee :)

    2. 101 lost kittens Project : We found about 7 out of 12 including the bonus artwork ‘The Giant Rat Mural’. The Skippy mural was very HUGE!. The artists were doing this project to create an awareness of the stray cats. It works for me I must say. :)

    3. Marking George Town : These are the 52 welded iron wall caricatures that portrayed the historical street, landmarks and daily lives in Penang. Those caricatures are all over the place in Penang. We managed to find about 8 and quite tired to search for some more. Inside the car, we can see about 5 more. From the popular shoe-designer Jimmy Choo to the Pilgrim history to the history about the famous Nasi Kandar. My wishlist : To find the rest ^^.

    4.The rest of the artwork done by local artist. U can find those minion artwork almost everywhere. And since the dinosaur in Ernest’s artwork was totally gone, some artist had drawn it near the artwork. Kudos to that person. *it’s like the kid’s dinosaur pet had escaped and move its place.lol*

    I’m not an art person. ask me to draw. You’ll get disappointed. however I’m considering myself as someone who appreciate artwork. I love to see those old building. That’s why I am so grateful be able to see this kind of art in Malaysia. Will search for some more. Thanks Penang for the super grand holiday !!.

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    Cats sleeping in books

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    My older cat got sick of my kitten trying to play with him so he pinned him down and licked him until he fell asleep

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    Rule of Life #124: Always ask a snail where they are going and if they need help getting there.

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    autumn findings 🍁🍂

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    Chapter One.

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    A beautiful bookshop in Brazil

    The people of Brazil have something else to cheer about in addition the recent World Cup festivities. Check out the Livraria Cultura bookshop in São Paulo designed by Studio MK-27.

    The goal was to create a bookshop that doubled as a meeting place and as these images attest they seem to have done a fine job. The open well-light floor plan allows for a comfortable shopping experience as well as encouraging customers to hang around and enjoy the space.

    All photos by Fernando Guerra I FG+SG

    More images and background at ArchDaily: Cultura Bookstore / Studio MK27

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    First of all i will not be giving away 100 books (If i was rich enough to give away 100 books I would but i’m an 18 year old who spends too much time on the internet). My giveaway is based off my 100 book reading challenge (there’s a full list of all the books there and you can also enlarge the photos above to see the selection.) hence the name for my giveaway. All these books are from the list i plan to read. So i haven’t read them all but from what people have said there are A LOT of good books here. 

    Secondly theres actually 102 books here. hehe!

    Anyway if you didn’t know by now this is a book giveaway! *cheers*

    • Now here is the link to my blog (tilly-and-her-books). You don’t have to be following me to enter this but it would be nice y’know? I’d rather people follow for the enjoyment of books and my cats. 
    • I will be doing this giveaway through The Book Depository so please check if they deliver to you before you enter
    • Likes and reblogs count but be wary of your followers, don’t spam them please
    • No giveaway blogs
    • Just take a deep breath and relax. Have a good day alright? 

    THE PRIZES!!!!

    • There will be…5 winners. Each of them will receive two of the books from above. You can also pick other books from the series that are selected.
    • They will be in paperback and the covers/editions may vary. 
    • This giveaway ends November 1st 2014. 
    • Keep your inbox open and be prepared to send me your address. I won’t stalk you.

    Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions and also thank you to all of my followers and feel free to just message me anytime to talk. I think that’s everything…much love <3


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